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Fredian.org introduces and promulgates the Fredian calendar, a more rational alternative to the Gregorian calendar currently in general use. Advantages of the Fredian calendar are explained, and tools to ease its use, including conversions to and from the Gregorian calendar, will be provided.

All months have either 30 or 31 days. The month lengths alternate, 30 then 31, except for the last month which is either 30 or 31 days depending whether it's a leap year or not: The "leap day" is always the last day of the year when it occurs, so that all of the other days of the year have a consistent index when counting from the beginning of the year.

Numeric dates are always written as year[:sep:]month[:sep:]day where "[:sep:]" can be any non-digit character or absent, but should generally be punctuation such as a hyphen, slash or period. Writing numeric dates this way insures they are sorted correctly.

Years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds and fractional seconds are all numbered starting at zero. The time 00:00:00 is always the beginning of a new day. Thus the origin of the calendar is 0/0/0 00:00:00 which coincides with 7:05AM Eastern Standard Time on February 14, 1955, sunrise at Port Jefferson, New York, USA, the birth time and place of the calendar's originator, W. Fred Koschara.

Month names are all 5 characters long, and the first letter is different for each month. The last 3 letters of each name are "mon" so month names can be unambiguously abbreviated as 2 letters. The months in the calendar are:

Letter Name Days
U Unmon 30
P Pamon 31
T Temon 30
Q Qumon 31
F Fimon 30
H Hemon 31
S Semon 30
O Ocmon 31
N Nomon 30
D Demon 31
E Elmon 30
L Lamon 30 or 31

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